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The School Of Evolutionary Herbalism

Training clinical herbalists in the science and spirit of holistic plant medicine. The School of Evolutionary Herbalism is founded upon the perspective that there is a connection between the scientific, energetic, and spiritual aspects of plants, people, and herbal traditions across the world.

We believe that plants not only heal our bodies, but support in the development and healing of our emotions, minds, and souls. Our teachings train all levels of herbalist to support their family, community, and clinic for the deepest level of healing possible.

Herbal Academy

We truly believe that herbalism is for the people and endeavor to connect our student body with the herbal knowledge to support their wellness, that of their community, and that of the plant world with which they build relationship. 

We celebrate the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with and employing a talented team of experienced herbalists representing many points of view. Together, we have created an extensive curriculum that weaves together ancestral, traditional, modern, and scientific herbal wisdom and observation collectively compiled over centuries to inform the herbal knowledge we share.